Tribute to Grandpa Anderson

Grandpa Anderson: We laid an amazing man to rest today! As I sit here typing this all the stories and memories coming rushing through my mind.  See I spent every weekend and every break with my grandparents.  If I hadn’t called them, they were calling me asking where I was and when I was coming. We would get there and Grandpa would ask what took us so long.  He would play with us, tease us, give us stern advice, and we loved every minute of it. In my younger years there are very few memories that I have that don’t involve him and Grandma Anderson. 

We were separated through the years by no fault of his.  But when I got to see him he treated me as if I had been there all along.  Teasing me, correcting me, pushing me to be better.  Grandpa could be a very gruff person, not in a way that made you feel bad, not in a way that made you feel unloved.  But with words from a man that had confidence in what he was telling you and assurance that if you listened you would be better.  And through out the years I have learned that he was almost always right!

As we laid him to rest today, all those memories, all the love and yes regret of years I had let be ripped away from me came flooding into me.  I know he loved me more than words can say and I know that he knew that I loved him. I had spent the last 6 years doing my best to show him.  He was a man of integrity, what he said was what he meant and it was what he did and lived.  He was a man who loved his family, worked hard for them and loved spending time with them.

He was a real and true husband. Married to my Grandmother for almost 65 years.  He was devoted to her and his children, Grandchildren and Great Grandkids.  He will be missed by all of us.  I will never forget all that he’s taught me and the person I am because he was my Grandpa!

Today as I looked around at my family. I couldn’t help but think how blessed I truly am.  They are wonderful people who love me and do their best to live lives with integrity and love just as Grandpa taught them.  I looked around and realized although Grandpa is gone, He lives on in each and everyone of us! We are his legacy, we are carrying on all that he taught us, all the love he gave us! I’m blessed and thankful for each of them!

Faith, Grace, And Blessings,


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