A Legacy of Grace and Love: A Tribute to Great Aunt Shirley Wireman


A Legacy Of Grace and Love:

My Great Aunt Shirley passed away on December 3rd, we celebrated her life Saturday December 6th.  What an amazing woman and an amazing Legacy that she left behind. I know that most of you have never and now will never have the chance to meet the Amazing Lady that I was Honored to know.  But what you can know if the Legacy that she left behind for many generations.  And you can know what made her that person so that we too can continue the legacy that she left behind. This post will not do her life justice, there just aren’t enough words. But here it Goes!

First of all and most of all, She was a woman who loved God with all her heart! She put Him and all that He asked of her first and foremost.  She loved beyond measure and without condition. She reached out and served the least of them.  She always had a kind encouraging word for everyone.  Even when you weren’t living the life or being the person she knew that you could be, she always encouraged and loved and told you about the love of Christ. Nothing stopped her from sharing Gods love and word openly to all she met.

She was devoted to my Uncle Thureman completely! She valued His opinion and strength above all things here on earth.  She served him and walked beside him in all things in life with Joy and peace.  She honored him by the way she lived her life and represented him to the world.

She raised her children to love God, and love people.  You can see that evident in the way her wonderful children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren love the Lord, each other, and all they come into contact with.  They carry on her legacy every day and I know that she is prouder of them than words could every say.

Family was important to her.  She would tell us all every year at the family reunion that her wish was that we wouldn’t stop getting together and that more would come.  It was so important to her that we didn’t lose sight of each other or the roots that we came from. She always remembered those that had already went on with fondness and thankfulness for all that they had done in their lives.

Never a harsh word spoken, never an I can’t! She was a woman of Love, Grace, and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  A true virtuous woman whose price is far above rubies! We will miss her abundantly, but more than that we will grow daily and allow her legacy to live on through each one of us!

Some people say there is no perfect people.  I will agree that I’ve only met one. Did she have her flaws, I don’t know I’ve never seen them.  But I also know that her perfection came from her love and submission to Christ and her service of others! May we all strive to be the person she was! Pleasing in the sight of God and a true witness here on earth!

Loved and Missed Greatly and Never Forgotten!

Faith, Grace and Blessings,


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