The Day After….

The Day After: Thanksgiving

Wow, The hustle and The Bustle, The Preparing and getting everything done.  Its all worth it when you take the time to sit down with family.  I wanted to honor my family and do a recap of our day.

What an amazing time I had, 46 family members and friends that I love beyond what words can tell you.  I worried about things being alright, having room for everyone, is the house clean enough, will everyone like the food, maybe I should decorate.  LOL yep that’s me, but I should of known better, when we all get together its just about Love and Family!

Our dinner is at noon and in true fashion we ate about an hour late! What can I say it’s a tradition. The house filled quickly with people, laughter, love and food. We spent hours eating and just spending time together!

My favorite part of the day was when we get in a circle and each one of us gives thanks for their blessings! As 46 people gathered around, I was completely overwhelmed! Overwhelmed by the things God had done in each of their lives, but mostly overwhelmed by the love and blessings that God had given me in each one of them! My family means the world to me and to have them all together sharing their thanks. Well I was just totally overcome with how much God has loved me thru each one of them.  It hasn’t always been easy and its not like we haven’t struggled, but in the end we are together and we are a family that loves unconditionally.

This year we had family giving thanks for their new found salvation. That is the most precious gift. My grandfather gave thanks for his new wife of only a few weeks! His happiness was a blessing to each of us!

A day of Thanks that will be an amazing memory and will continue to bring us blessings for years to come! I love you all and will forever be thankful for each and everyone of you!

Faith, Grace and Blessings,


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